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Terms & Conditions Skateday


Article 1:

The renter is deemed to have received the rented property in good condition and to have taken note of the instructions for use of Rollerblades or Roller Skates, hereafter the products. 

Article 2:

The renter is liable for the loss of products and items belonging to the products, such as any accessories supplied. In the event of theft or loss of the products, the renter will be liable for the cost incurred for the replacement of the products (day price). Any money/s or deposit/s held, will be used towards the purchase of the replacement products.

Article 3:

The renter must have paid Skateday the total amount of the contract, before the rental period. Skateday will request the renter for an item of value as a deposit. Skateday will give the renter the deposit back after the rental period if the products are returned in the same condition as upon delivery. Skateday has the right to set off any damage with the deposit. If the damage amount is higher than the deposit, the renter will also be charged for this remaining amount.

Article 4:

Renting products from Skateday takes place at your own risk. Skateday is not liable for damage during the rental period to the renter, and to third parties as a result of any damage and / or defect of the rented property.

Article 5:

Both at the delivery and at the return of the rental products, the condition of the products is viewed by the renter and Skateday together. Should the renter notice any points in the condition of the product at the time of delivery, the renter will report this immediately or at the latest before the receipt of the product.

Article 6:

The renter is expected to deal with the rented property in a responsible manner. In case of alleged abuse, Skateday is entitled at all times to take the rented property without refund of rent.

Article 7:

Skateday has the right under certain weather conditions where the safety of the renter is in danger of canceling the reservation, without costs mutually.

Article 8:

Cancellation of the reservation / rental agreement by the renter must be submitted at least 5 hours in advance. If the renter cancels less than 5 hours in advance, 20% of the rent will be charged.

Article 9a:

If the product is not available for collection at the agreed time, (unless otherwise discussed), Skateday may charge the renter ten euro (10) for every full hour (1). If, after 24 hours, the products have not been returned and there has not been any contact between Skateday and the renter, Skateday will inform the police and report the property as stolen.

Article 9b:  In case of an early return, there is no refund of the rent (unless otherwise discussed).

Article 10:

Personal data of the renter which is mentioned will be processed by Lessor in accordance with the Dutch Data Privacy Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). This process allows Skateday to execute and deliver the agreement, render optimal services, and timely provide renter with product information and a personal offer. Objections by renter to processing personal data for the purpose of direct mailing will be sustained by Skateday.

Article 11: 

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of The Netherlands.

Article 12:

(Chamber Of Commerce) KvK Amsterdam:

(VAT) BTW nr: NL

IBAN nummer: NL54 ABNA 0431582173